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Storyteller using animation as a medium to add a touch of craziness into the world and challenge the limits of the artform!


Rishi Gupta

3D Animator & Architect

"Never give up" - Naruto!

Ever since the beginning, I have been in love with animation, which grew more and more along with my height and my belly! Been born in the culturally diverse country of India, where engineering and medical profession were and still are considered the best option, getting into animation wasn't an easy task for me. 

After graduating from high school and not having a lot of opportunities in animation at the time, I went on to study Architecture, and finally graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from SMAID College, Anand, Gujarat, India in 2018.

By the end of 2018, I finally decided to pursue my dream of becoming an animator and applied for the Advance Diploma course of 3D animation and Visual effects for one year in Vancouver Film School, Vancouver, Canada. I got to experiment with the production pipeline in school and undertook a Short Film Project for graduation, giving me the opportunity to not only be a Story-teller, Director and Animator in the short film "Light", but also allowed him to venture into other departments of the production pipeline like Pre-Visualization, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing and Editing. 

Graduating with Honors from Vancouver Film School in August 2020 (yeah, that's right! Amidst the whole Covid-19 Pandemic situation), I came back to my home country and began working towards my dream of making movies and telling my stories to the world! Since then, I worked with Studio Eeksaurus in Mumbai as a Freelance Animator, an Animator and Team Lead for the series Puffins Impossible with Citrus Ink Studios in New Delhi and with Mikros Animation in Bengaluru as a Junior Animator, actively learning and contributing the to the animation industry. Currently working as a Freelancer and developing my own content on the side!

My ultimate goal is to make animated movies targeting the Indian Animation Community and help in the upliftment of the same.

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